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I am a writer, content editor, and artist with the soul of a swing-dancing Pony Express rider. Interests include consumerism, classic films, environmental issues, scent-free living, health, science, writing, and robots. My blog reflects exploration in word and image. I can’t promise how often I will or won't post. In 2019, I'll continue to explore identity and boundaries beginning with nature vs. man.

More Than Sums

Numbers represent more to me than their sums. I don't know if it started with Sesame Street, a children's program, pointing out how we are surrounded by numbers on our street, in our homes, where ever we go. Existence isn't all. Patterns. Associations lead the mind on a path through our brain touching on our experiences--synaptic connections zipping faster than a flash. Where have those same numbers occurred in our past, do they lead to our future, do they influence decisions? And then there are the puzzles. Numbers dancing, blending together, reducing from four to two to one. Games. Comforting associations taken beyond the somewhat universal avoidance of thirteen.

Born on a Blue Day by Daniel Tammet is a more serious take on numbers, a window into autism. Autism requires a post of its own... many. Blessing or curse or both, sharing a little insight leading to understanding can only help. I've offered a view into my day in this brief review of his special book.

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