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I am a writer and artist with the soul of a swing-dancing Pony Express rider. Interests include consumerism, classic films, environmental issues, scent-free living, health, science, writing, and robots. My blog reflects exploration in word and image. I can’t promise how often I will or won't post.
My Fierce Internal Greeting Card Self
We all have secret loves. Right? I mean stuff you’ve loved your whole life but don’t necessarily ...
Consuming Facades: AD (Antecedent Digital) Doll
disposable doll cover girl effigy doll noun toy person broad        noun. a woman ...
Video: Advertencia, Tiny Conversations
Advertencia, Tiny Conversations        (words from the washer) Advertencia, adverte...
What's Going On With My Skin—Allergic Eczema or Psoriasis?
Skin issues are not only embarrassing they hurt. We all have secrets. When it comes to eczema, psori...
Things Fall
LETTING THINGS lie WHERE THEY                                                                 ...
Video: Nostalgia Family Values
MOPP-ing Consumerism
Can soak up contamination. Can wipe clean. Can spread debris. Can contaminate.

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