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Artist & writer with the soul of a swing-dancing Pony Express rider. Hybrid poetics. Motivations: consumerism, feminism, environmental issues. Novelist. Voice actor. Robots fascinate. Occasional posts on fragrance-free wellness.
Polar Vortex
  Bully—brrrr, take back this blast! #polarvortex
Meraki Radio: Perspectives Using Dictionary Prompts
Alison B., Brian, and I discuss specific constraints in a new Meraki Radio: Perspectives conversation on KDRT 95.7FM! Have you tried writing...
The Mind Frame on Meraki Radio
Alison B. and I discuss space and constraints in a new Meraki Radio conversation on KDRT 95.7FM! “Meraki is a modern Greek word which means ...
Alonna's 2020 Fav Products During the Pandemic
Time has become a broken clock. Last year was about staying safe from COVID-19…among many other important topics. This year blurs too. So te...

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