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I am a writer, content editor, and artist with the soul of a swing-dancing Pony Express rider. Interests include consumerism, classic films, environmental issues, scent-free living, health, science, writing, and robots. My blog reflects exploration in word and image. I can’t promise how often I will or won't post. In 2019, I'll continue to explore identity and boundaries beginning with nature vs. man.

Just released: My debut novel!

After three years, my debut novel Eleven Sundays is officially published!

My contemporary coming-of-age story, featuring twenty-five-year-old Annie, will appeal to anybody who has hit some "life speed bumps" in the form of a quarterlife or midlife crisis (and who hasn't?) The heart of the story goes deepest for mothers and daughters, especially daughters. 

Here is a short description:
Annie worked hard at her job. When piece-by-piece her life falls apart, she shifts into denial and drives across San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge away from her big city problems. In fog-capped Drake’s Valley where explorers trekked before her, a mysterious souplady, a green-eyed cat, and three curious boys looking for bones, all influence her to face up to a changed future. The souplady ladles out a special recipe of hope.  

At $3.99 my book's about the price of a single Starbucks latte. The Kindle version is available today on Amazon, and other formats are coming soon. Thanks for taking the time to share in this first novel with me.

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