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I’m a California-based voice & visual artist. I immerse myself in creative adventure by exploring multiple genres, styles, and forms in my writing and art. I also make short films. ❤️robots.

"Birthday Bungle Bags"

balloon bright bubbles!
blimp bops burden
backfire belly bulge?

bloat bilge belies blob.
boilerplate brain
bead bed, bogus barm—

billow balls bladder!
bounce borderless
birthday bungle bags.*

Translation: One morning, too many beached balloons, eleven beached balloons. (August 28, 2017)

*Poetry Form & Constraints: Alphabet3545201_ASHAW
Select one letter of the alphabet: all words must begin with it.
3 Stanzas (lines: 5 syllables, 4 syllables, 5 syllables)
-2 forms ending first and third lines of each stanza
-middle line/stanza center line (0 punctuation)
Indicate subject with 1 punctuation mark (comma)

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