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Artist & writer with the soul of a swing-dancing Pony Express rider. Hybrid poetics. Motivations: consumerism, feminism, environmental issues. Novelist. Voice actor. Robots fascinate. Occasional posts on fragrance-free wellness.

The Poetry You're Not Looking For "We R What We 8"

My new book is available now.

Poetry. In text only.

It started with an image.
On the technique.
The aleatory literary technique used in this book stems from the Dadaists.
The cut-up technique gained notice when used by writers and artists such as
William S. Burroughs and David Bowie.

This collection of aleatory poetry excerpts found material from an image.
This act of anti-poetry literally expresses how words can reshape thought.
Just change the order.

I hope this is the poetry you're looking for.
More on my Consumerism Series here.

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