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What's Going On With My Skin—Allergic Eczema or Psoriasis?

Skin issues are not only embarrassing they hurt. We all have secrets. When it comes to eczema, psoriasis, or atopic dermatitis we need to put on our detective hat, notice our environment. Then, go to the dermatologist and share these details. Please note that I am not a doctor. For years I thought my elbow, hand, leg, and scalp battles were with psoriasis. It turned out to be general skin inflammation and allergic dermatitis. The main culprits causing these symptoms were personal care products containing fragrance and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS); and allergenic proteins from dogs' saliva, skin, and urine.
So here's the deal with pet allergens, as told to me by my allergist, they stick around and can take about a year to break down. Long story short, the only prudent decision for me was to re-home my cat and dog and avoid places where pets go. Interacting with friends coated in pet allergens became tricky. I came up with the "hugging shirt" as a temporary layer over my clothes. I'd grab a hug then shed the shirt and put it into a plastic bag.
When I lived in a third-floor walk-up apartment. The neighbor on the second floor used the same stairs to take his dog out. I had to stop wearing dresses and cover up my legs to prevent daily skin flare-ups after using the stairs. No more sandals. Socks with boots became my new normal.

The point here is to offer a heads-up about the invisible stuff in our environments that can cause health issues. It's all about establishing a fresh routine supporting choices that reduce irritant exposure, so bare skin gets its time to shine.

Alice Childress said, "Life is just a short walk from the cradle to the grave, and it sure behooves us to be kind to one another along the way."
Need some allergy-friendly tips? In this post, I discuss cleaning routines and changing into indoor clothes. I'm not one for wearing my shoes in the house because it creates more housework.

My fragrance-free blog posts might help with understanding this invisible world. Perhaps begin with this one. And, "How To Go Fragrance-Free, Part One: Squeaky Clean."

Here is a photo slideshow of psoriasis v eczema images at healthline.com.

Disclaimer: This blog post is for entertainment and inspirational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. I am not a medical professional. I have not received any compensation from any companies mentioned. I am not endorsing anyone or any products. The opinions expressed are mine alone.

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