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Writers do more than drink coffee

Writers do more than drink coffee. They sip tea.

I've been stuck in a beverage rut. I love water. It's my beverage of choice after my a.m. coffee. I also love a good cup of English tea, but the tannins are harsh. So what to do?

Health issues can make a person want to put up walls and stop trying things, but you never know when something new might enrich a quiet afternoon.

The past few months I've been exploring no- or low-caffeine teas for afternoon sipping. Aromatic herbs can set off health issues such as food sensitivities and allergic asthma. I avoid herbs in my foods, but I gave some a taste as teas.

Decades ago, I took a macrobiotic cooking class on food preparation and recipes. I discovered a Japanese twig tea called kukicha, which is still an option for me. I enjoy its pleasant, earthy quality.

Indian and African herbal teas offered some choices, too. I go for single-ingredient teas or simple combinations when testing something for the first time. I've had success with trying one new tea within a week's period, so if I run into problems, I know which tea to "blame."

Tulsi's Original ties me to my past appreciation for health food restaurants. Herbal nostalgia warms with this tea. I'd map out these restaurants as a route when learning a new city. Another name for Tulsi is Holy Basil.

Rooibos is a South African shrub in the bean family. The Green Rooibos is not fermented, instead lightly steamed to avoid the oxidation process.

Here are some new favorite teas:
  • Alvita's Licorice Root (it took a couple of tries to appreciate the natural sweetness—love it!)
  • Numi's Chocolate Rooibos (steeped for almost ten minutes with a touch of maple syrup—has a coffee vibe without the caffeine)
  • Yogi Chamomile (an old favorite for relaxing)

From left: Organic India Tulsi Lemon Ginger, Vanilla Creme, Original; Numi Organic Chocolate Rooibos; Eco Teas Rooibos Warm Balance; Yogi Chamomile; The Republic of Tea Green Rooibos Raw and Organic; Alvita Organic Licorice Root Tea.
(Please read health warnings when consuming herbal teas. They may have medicinal qualities and/or could cause complications when pregnant, etc.) 

"The only sanity is a cup of tea."—This slightly out-of-context quote is from the poem "Boy Breaking Glass" by Gwendolyn Brooks.

This blog post is my opinion and shares my personal experiences. I do not offer medical advice. Thanks for reading and best wishes for a healthful and healthy journey.

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