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Alonna's 2019 Fav Ten Practical Products

Here are my ten favorite practical products from 2019!

Experimenting is fun. Try something new. Then, hope for a satisfactory outcome. It seems like products are always changing, sometimes with improvements, other times to be part of the fast-consumerism hamster wheel.

"New and improved" often spurs me to search out different brands. Lots of lather can be a red flag that the surfactant is harsh and could irritate the scalp. Generally, only a small amount of the product is needed. Less works and leaves more for later! The first product, Free & Clear Medicated Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, soothes an irritated scalp after testing out new shampoos.

(Product information from the photo: top row, left to right; bottom row, left to right.)

  1. Free & Clear Medicated Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, concentrated, best for the scalp, can weigh the hair down.
  2. Cal Ben Five Star Shampoo, a quality classic product, concentrated with natural extracts of almond, coconut, and citrus. Surprisingly, I can tolerate this—if I use a very small amount. I have long hair, so if I use too much, then the aromatic properties are a problem. I wish they offered a scent-free version of this terrific shampoo.
  3. Dr. Ginger's Coconut Oil Mouthwash, oil pulling at its easiest. I use a capful and swish around my mouth. Minty and sweet (thanks to the xylitol). Leaves a subtle minty freshness.
  4. Redmond Earth PasteMY FAVORITE PRODUCT OF 2019! Eight options including lemon. My pick is peppermint. Yes, it's minty while using but not after rinsing. A very small amount works amazingly well for cleaning and brightening teeth. Don't expect an annoying mouthful of bubbles. 
  5. Koh Gen Do's Spa Cleansing Water, great for removing makeup. I've mentioned this product in past posts. Here, I'm presenting it as an efficient way to remove sunscreen from the face and neck. Some products require multiple washings to get rid of the sunscreen. I saturate two cotton pads and use both sides. Then rinse my face.
  6. California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo & Bodywash. This is my new daily shampoo. Easy on the scalp and does not weigh hair down. Here's EWG's safety data report. 
  7. Lume Deodorant. Note, this is not an antiperspirant. They have a helpful FAQ section. Check out "Lume has worked so well on most days, but not on others. Why is that?"
  8. Bamboo toilet paper! Nature's Greatest is made from bamboo & sugar cane. Silk'n Soft and NatureZway are all bamboo, which grows faster than trees. This member of the Grass family offers a better option than old-growth (or any-growth) trees for this disposable use. This is not the kind of bamboo that pandas consume! See TP comparisons. See discussion "Toxins in Toilet Paper" at DebraLynnDadd.com.
  9. Natural bedding—Parachute's linen sheets, individual pieces or bundles. These sheets get even softer after a few washes. Follow washing advice. I have no desire to return to cotton sheets. These are scrumptious! (I've tried a few brands. Stick with natural colors to avoid issues with dye...this is just speculation on my part, but darker colors seem to sleep hotter. Possibly because some dyes can make it feel like the fabric has been coated with plastic.)
  10. Human Creations Gel' O Cool Mat K448-1 Series (11" x 22" size). On those hot summer nights without air conditioning, this little pad tucked between the sheets at the foot of the bed chills the toes and helps regulates body temperature. I also have one for the sofa.

Parachute linen sheet with Human Creations Gel'O Cool Mat.
Thanks for reading. We're all different in our sensitivity needs. I hope some of these products might work for you.

I find it helpful to rotate products for effectiveness and to prepare myself in case a brand changes ingredients. Sometimes those "new and improved" ingredients cause problems.

For more of my fragrance-free living posts:

Disclaimer: This blog post is for entertainment and inspirational purposes only. I have not received any compensation from any companies mentioned. I am not endorsing anyone or any products. The opinions expressed are mine alone and should not be considered medical advice.

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