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Going Fragrance Free: Lips.

Here's what I'm using this month.

I'll be posting once a month about my fragrance-free journey. And that's exactly what it is--a journey. I'm not sure when the fragrance sensitivity actually started, little by little it crept up on me, but over these twenty-plus years I've come to realize there are no set answers, only "things" that work right now at this point in my life.

As far as an end date, we all have one and so does makeup. This month's new favorite is by a brand I wore most of my 20s and 30s. Shiseido. The expiration icon shows life of product: 24 months. Back in the day, my little black tube of Shiseido lipstick went with me everywhere and was replaced only when it was scraped empty. The new aspect for me is updating the shade in this post (and life) to Perfect Rouge (Rouge Parfait) in Vision BE 740, price $25. I love this color!

This rouge is natural and soft looking for daytime use or evening if eye makeup is getting the spotlight. One swipe, press lips together, done. No fragrance or flavor. I suppose I'll break out the lip brush at some point, but it seems like too much effort. I can't believe I used to "paint" my entire face every day, I'd rather be painting an actual canvas.

The makeup artist's tip was to prep lips with Carmex then apply color. Sometimes lip balms create an "addictive" quality which can leave you with a very dry lip condition when stopping use. To be fair if you have extremely chapped lips in winter or from summer hiking Carmex will fix you up incredibly quickly. Downside is fragrance, plus additional troublesome ingredients for MCS-ers.

My daily lip prep is BabyGanics Lip & Face Balm. It will leave messy lip impressions on your drinking glass, but other than that--for those of us who are multiple chemical sensitive--I haven't experienced a downside.

This past year I've been on a quest to find "comfortable" makeup with a natural look. My waste bin runneth over with things which weren't a good fit for me. Wish me luck for next month's fragrance-free find.

Thanks for reading! I'd love to hear about your fragrance-free successes.

You can see more of my fragrance-free posts here.

Any information offered here is my personal opinion as someone who has struggled with the fragrance issue for more than twenty years, not medical advice.

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