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How To Go Fragrance-Free, Part Two: After The Shower

I'm sharing a little about my life, "going fragrance-free and loving it." I’ve found that squeaky clean feels good, fragrance hurts. Clean is liberating, no more irritation. Clean is better for my skin, eyes, nose, and lungs. Perhaps yours, too.

Introduction: My alter ego, Alecka Zamm's goal is "no more freakin' fragrance." Unfortunately she only watches over my desk. I wish she could watch over us all. In my alter ego's post "I'll Take the Laughs But Not the Fragrance," Alecka Zamm explains a bit about chemical sensitivity. This is why I must go without fragrance and avoid scents at all cost.

I’m always experimenting with different lotions for under make-up. Writing affords me the luxury of the no-makeup look pretty much every day. It’s funny how when I was a model and an actress I used to wear so much makeup all of the time (except at the gym). Now when I see women on TV wearing loads of foundation, powder, shadows, and mascara—my skin crawls a bit—I feel the need to wash my face and empathetically get those layers off. I want one of those steaming hot, wet washcloths they offer in first class flights, so I can press it to my face and revive my skin. That hot towel was always my favorite part of flights.

Most people are unaware that scent hurts some people causing skin irritation and also can trigger asthma. My embarrassment meter always goes up when I feel the need to reveal I am scent-sensitive. Most people are very thoughtful and considerate once they are aware of the situation. Frequently people will share with me their own frustration about the array of conflicting scents contained in their normal-routine products. So what to do? Some products are easy to replace. Others are more difficult, which is why I'm including specific products I use as examples and links to places I shop.

My go-to fragrance-free after-bath products!

"Evian mist, then Silky’s Garden Emu Oil is my secret to soothing and moisturizing my face."
My one deviation, as far as scent is concerned, is tea tree oil. Thursday Plantation is the only brand I've had success with. It's really an antiseptic. I can add a drop to my lotion. That's the plus when using unscented products. If you are partial to scents you can control how you "aromify" by selecting fragrance-free products as your base. 

Value-pack white washcloths are my favorite for the shower and later to remove makeup. Their secret is they are thin! Most big-box-type retailers carry these inexpensive cloths in a 12-pack.

"Maybe you'll try a fragrance-free product or two?" 

Next up… the search for some solutions for fragrance-free makeup.

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