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I am a writer and artist with the soul of a swing-dancing Pony Express rider. Interests include consumerism, classic films, environmental issues, scent-free living, health, science, writing, and robots. My blog reflects exploration in word and image. I can’t promise how often I will or won't post. 2017 explores identity and boundaries beginning with nature vs. man.

Tahoe Trekker: Hike the TRT to PCT!

Downtime from routine is important. Our hearts need to take on small adventures allowing our lungs to rejuvenate by having room to breathe. Take a break, walk in your dreams. Now that will provide fuel for the future! It works for me. So, I left the stress of daily life behind and went on a quest triggered by childhood memories.
Tahoe Rim Trailhead at Kings Beach in North Lake Tahoe, California

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