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Artist & writer with the soul of a swing-dancing Pony Express rider. Hybrid poetics. Motivations: consumerism, feminine identity, environmental issues. Novelist. Voice actor. Robots fascinate. Occasional posts on fragrance-free wellness.
Let's Staple Some Things Other Than Sheets of Paper—On Meraki Radio Today!
Alison B invited me back to Meraki Radio  KDRT 95.7FM. A golden stapler In this episode, we discuss perspectives, poetry, and mus...
Interview, Perspectives: Alonna Shaw—The Twilight Zone Ebbs Poetic, Art during COVID-19
I had such a fun discussion with Alison B on Meraki Radio! We discussed how my creative muse needed to go into the discomfort and an...
Ten Practical Products
Here are my ten favorite practical products from 2019! Experimenting is fun. Try something new. Then, hope for a satisfactory outcome. I...

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